Faberuna means ‘artisans together’
and is dedicated to bringing together
the best modern handmade goods and their makers
from the Etsy community.

Etsy is still the primary launching pad and home to thousands of modern makers. The sheer size of Etsy makes it challenging to find modern goods, so our goal is to discover, highlight and showcase makers and shops that fulfill our love for contemporary handmade goods.

About The Editor

Brett Torrey Haynes is the Editor and Chief Discovery Officer of Faberuna. As the editor and curator of IAMTHELAB, a site dedicated to showcasing the global handmade community, Brett has a keen eye for what’s new and next in the modern handmade universe. IAMTHELAB has showcased thousands of makers over the last 7 years and has been on of the only independent blogs dedicated to the modern maker.

While there are now a myriad of e-commerce platforms, including Big Cartel and Squarespace, Etsy continues to be the place to go to discover modern handmade goods from a variety of categories and countries. Brett has decided that Etsy sellers deserve to have a platform that showcases their work exclusively and is eager to shine the light on the thousands of makers that have inspired and impressed him over the past 7 years.

As a curator, Brett understands the need that makers have for platforms that share and showcase their work and has made that a primary mission of all his online properties. Faberuna is an extension of that mission. We are confident that Faberuna will become the premier destination for those who love modern handmade goods, those who make them and Etsy.

How Faberuna Works

Faberuna offers three ways to discover the modern makers of Etsy. The first is our online shop. Our shop showcases a selection of goods from Etsy sellers, carefully selected for their modern aesthetic, quality and price point. For each maker, we endeavor to showcase between 7-10 items from their respective shop, with each item linked directly to their location on Etsy.

Secondly, we are building a comprehensive list, inventively called The List, that is a continually growing directory of Etsy seller that fit our modern aesthetic. Lastly, Faberuna will share exclusive interviews and shop updates from our carefully selected makers. Our goal is simple: to help you find the best modern handmade goods on Etsy and to inspire you to support these talented makers.

Powered by the Etsy Affiliate Program

It’s free to be listed in the shop, added to The List and featured on our blog. How then, do we fund Faberuna? We do so in two ways. The primary way is through the Etsy Affiliate program via Awin. The Etsy Affiliate program allow us to create links for the items in our shop and we make a small bit of funds from any sales our readers make on Etsy. These funds are not extracted from the makers; it comes from Etsy’s slice of the sales pie. This is perhaps the best affiliate program for makers out there and we highly recommend it to other bloggers and online shops. You can learn more about it here.

Our second means of maintenance is our ad spaces, which can be found on the sidebar of blog pages and posts. The cost of the ads for one year is $75 and is only opened to Etsy sellers. To find out more, drop us a note at faberuna@iamthelab.com.